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Tuesday BOGO - buy Deep Blue, get Lemongrass & Cypress free

USD $33.00

TUESDAY’S BOGO! Limit of 3! Buy Deep Blue, get Lemongrass AND Cypress FREE ($33 wholesale)

These oils provide a 1-2-3 punch to discomfort in your muscles and joints!

Deep Blue is amazing for all things soreness and discomfort - joints, muscles, head tension, etc! Use it before or after physical activity to help keep your body moving comfortably!

Lemongrass is also great to help kick soreness and discomfort to the curb. It is also helpful to keep you focused and determined while doing a full Kon-Marie on your space and can help support the health of your urinary tract. Plus, as a natural bug repellent, it’s an essential oil to have on hand (pun intended!)

Cypress helps with circulatory function and clear respiration, making it another great oil to support you while you’re physically active!

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